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Réka Nagy rode from campus to campus

Utolsó módosítás: 2019. július 17.

Réka Nagy rode more than 50 kilometers by bike between the campuses of Gyöngyös and Eger. The PR and Communication Administrator of Eszterházy Károly University is also a charity athlete in her free time. She talked with us about her trip and her goals.

Can you please summarize why you rode a bike from the Gyöngyös campus to the Eger campus?
I'm a charity athlete of Karitatív kerekezés (Charity biking). This year I'm supporting my para athlete friend Réka Dobos, a sporty, motorbike and karate fan girl who's life was changed by a car accident in 2014. Since that event, she lives her life in a wheelchair. She wanted to continue karate, which she started 12 years before her accident - that was one of her first goals after the accident. Thanks to her endurance and hard work, Réka became a Hungarian national and world champion in 2017. Since then, she regularly participates in Hungarian and international competitions. Her medium-term goal is to become a paralympic athlete. Because of the competitive sport Rékas wheelchair deteriorated faster, than an ordinary users chair. So she needs a new one. The new wheelchair costs 1,5 million forints – of that amount the health insurance will pay 900,000 forints. When I heard the cost, I decided that I wanted to help collect a significant part of the portion that she would have to pay.

How can you help people by sport?
I do bike competitions, and people can pay for each kilometer I ride. 1 kilometer costs 2.000 forints. It's the price of a movie ticket and a popcorn, so it's not a big amount.

Let's talk about the trip from campus to campus. What was your route?
I started my trip from the campus of Gyöngyös and I rode 54,6 kilometers (610 m level rise) and I wanted to sell all my kilometers that I would ride by that day. Dr. Zoltán Bujdosó, the director of the Károly Róbert Campus, his wife, his son, the mayor of Gyöngyös, Hiesz György and some runners of the Maltese Charity Services Károly Róbert Secondary School acompained me for the first kilometers. The runners came to the border of Gyöngyös, the biker team to Gyöngyössolymos. During my trip I met the mayor of Abasár, dr. Lénártné Benei Anikó. I was able to thank her personally for the help of the council. After that, I had only short rests until I arrived to Eger.


Could you reach the goal?
Yes. I was very happy, because I could collect more than 100,000 forints just more than 1 week after the campaign started. I could sell all 50 kilometers of my trip.
Less then 1,5 months after the campaign started, I met my goal and collected all the 404,000 forints.

How many competitions will you have this year?
I have 4 competitons and I had a special project, called From Campus to Campus. My first goal was to collect 152 kilometers in competitions and 50 extra (202 km = 404,000 forints). However, owing those helpful people who bought kilometers, I needed to find one more competition. Thanks to them, I could aid Réka with 416,000 forints.

How do you became a charity athlete? What is the philosophy of the Karitatív kerekezés and what is your motivation?
In 2016, I worked as the reporter of Gyöngyösi TV. I did an interview with a charity athlete and the mother of the 10 year old boy, whom she raised money for. It was a very serious story. The boy had cerebellar atrophy. I thought about these interviews alot and I wanted to help, but not only with publicity. I started bike riding in 2011, and I applied for competitions since then as my motivation. After the interview I realized, I can help with my hobby. I didn't think much, I just started to do it. It's my 4th year and I have had lots of positive experiences thanks to my charity athlete activity. I get a huge charge spiritually thanks to the positive experiences, partially results, and the succesful campaigns. I've met lots of new people and I've made friends. I think I'm a channel to connect helpful people with those who need help. I try to live my life by the quote: „If you buy, your hand will be full. If you give, your heart will be full."



photos: Dávid Péter, Kakuk Dániel


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